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Wikipedia: Advantages and Challenges

If you’re searching for Wikipedia page creation service, you’ve come to the right place. Most people are acquainted with the fact that Wikipedia is one of the most dominant online sources, and having a page of your own might grant numerous benefits. Wikipedia is comprised of an endless span of content made by Wikipedia writers, and it’s growing ever so rapidly. As one of the most renowned reference-based search tool, more and more people want to come onboard, but, even though we’re living in modern times, some people still don’t know how to create a Wikipedia page or profile.

Wikipedia’s policy and rules are a bit too complex to grasp first-hand, and not even publishing a well-written content guarantees a profile eligibility. Nevertheless, the professional Wikipedia writer suit is there to ease things

up a bit – they’re professional and, more often than not, faster when compared to regular writers. The main difference between a Wikipedia writer and your average online writer is that Wikipedia writers work for free – people who have a genuine interest in helping out the community work on their own volition and with their own experience, rather than getting paid to get the job done as quickly as possible.

For the last five years, we are helping our clients by providing professional Wikipedia writing services, which include – the basic Wikipedia page creation service, the editing of existing pages, translating services, article and content protection, etc. Actually, the protection segment in our line of work is especially important, given that nearly all content found on Wikipedia can be rewritten or re-edited by nearly anyone.

We are Wikipedia writers, and we are here for you. We intend to keep your content protected from anyone with harmful or insidious intentions, and visible to all who want to see what you wanted them to see. If, by any chance, things take a turn for the worse, we promise a full refund. Should you decide to give us a shot, we offer nothing short of professional and friendly experience in creating your Wikipedia pages and profile – full confidentiality is guaranteed.

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If you happen to be eligible for owning a Wiki Article or page and interested in it, our free time & cost estimate can give you a clear picture regarding your investment. You can request your free estimate prior to using our Wikipedia article creation, editing, translation, or monitoring services.
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Why you need a wiki professional?

We can help you only if...

We can help you only if you are eligible for getting a Wikipedia.

Writing a general article is worlds apart from writing a Wiki article. Wikipedia has a strict policy of rules for article submission, revisal, and editing, plus the default markup language which all combined make a road full of obstacles. If you’re not a Wikipedia expert yourself, your best bet is to find Wikipedia experts for hire or a Wikipedia consultant.

Even a layman could easily read the strict rules of Wikipedia article submission policy, but following them to the letter is not an easy task. The content might pass for a quality one, but there’s a small chance it will be published successfully.

What’s more, a Wiki article is seldom written by a single Wiki writer and rarely edited by a single Wiki editor. Many different wiki editors use the template of a “finished” wiki article and “update” it in the form of editing any mistakes and writing additional content. This process is called “crowd writing”, and it’s viral – it’s very hard to control, and the results are usually hard to predict.

Submitting a wiki article without proper reference (without being able to prove the facts you’ve stated), or worse, if you write in a subjective, non-neutral tone, your submission will be hastily removed. By employing the use of professional Wiki writers, you can minimize the chance of this happening to you.

Writing and submitting your own article often results in it getting deleted overnight – the writer has to be completely unrelated to you, your affiliates, and your company (so as to eliminate the subjective form of the article in question). We are professional Wikipedia authors and editors, and we can help you to write your personal and business articles.


Our Wikipedia page creation services feature a cost that’s proportionate to the task’s complexity. The most basic jobs like profile creation with all the necessary details take only a few hours, but there are tasks that require several days to complete, thusly they’re charged more in turn.

However, you have a total control about the pricing We will give you a fixed price for your project  – the hourly rate begins with $20 for basic tasks and go up to $50 for the most complex assignments. Once we’ve confirmed that your project has been accepted, we will notify you as quickly as possible along with our Payment Policy plan.

Payment Policy

Our payment policy involves two options – both which are backed with fool-proof guarantees of quality. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that your money’s safe and well-invested.

Option 1: Depositing a transaction via Escrow.com is a newer method – it involves the safe deposit of your money to the aforementioned website which will be withdrawn once the project has been accepted.

Option 2: The “regular” payment method involves paying for the half of the project beforehand, and the half after it’s completed.

Of course, you can. We will write the article based on the Wikipedia rules and send you for review where you can make further suggestions of features you’d like to be added or removed. After the final review and approval of the article comes the part of article submission. As per Wikipedia’s writing policy, certain segments of the article will have to be either removed or edited if they feel biased or subjective in any way – this is the only scenario over which you won’t have 100% control.

Sadly, you can’t. The “Notability” is one of the most important aspects of Wikipedia writing policy, and your business has to be “notable” before you can make a Wikipedia profile. If you have any doubts about notability, contact us or read more about it here.

Our Wikipedia writers perform in accordance to professional ethics and standards while taking thoughtful consideration of Wiki rules. The only cases in which your article will be deleted are:

  • Biased content based on subjective opinions rather than facts
  • Failing to pass the “Notability” criteria

If the article doesn’t feature biased opinions and if your business is notable enough, we guarantee that your article will not be deleted, but there’s always a small chance of things going awry. If such case ever happens – that your article gets removed within 15 days after submission, you will receive 50% refund.

There is a money-back guarantee which entitles you 50% refund if your article gets deleted within 15 days after submission.

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Request a free estimate

If you happen to be eligible for owning a Wiki Article or page and interested in it, our free time & cost estimate can give you a clear picture regarding your investment. You can request your free estimate prior to using our Wikipedia article creation, editing, translation, or monitoring services.
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